Yelp Tips & Tricks for Business Owners

Yelp attracts new customers to your business and interacts with current clients. Use these tips to bring traffic and positive reviews to your Yelp listing!

Reputation Management

Conversions and Paid Search Success

Clicks aren’t the only metric that will show your pay-per-click performance. In this blog we discuss conversions and targeting qualified customers.

Paid Search Marketing

Social Media is Necessary to Business

Every business should have a social media presence to engage with their customers and represent the business. If you’re not convinced, give this blog read!

Social Media Marketing

Key Performance Indicators for SEO

SEO can be very impactful for your business. Learn about some of the most telling metrics that will help you understand your campaign’s performance!

Search Engine Optimization

Twitter Ads 101

Take advantage of the speed and effectiveness of Twitters ads! We break down the basics and outline some of the targeting options at your disposal.

Social Media Marketing

Optimizing Websites for Searcher Intent

SEO has become less about appeasing the search engines and more about giving customers what they’re looking for. Focus on optimizing for users, not robots.

Search Engine Optimization

Get Rid of Your Duplicate Listings

Duplicate listings hurt your business’s online reputation. We’ll show you each step to consolidating your listings with consistent information!

Reputation Management

Google’s Top Ranking Factors Revealed

The algorithm that powers Google’s search is something that they do not make public. However, recently Google gave us a peek at what they judge websites on.

Search Engine Optimization